About Me

How do! My name’s Karter Byrne, and I get off on writing content.

I’m a fairly recent Media & Communications (Journalism) graduate, walking up on stage at Birmingham City University in 2016 in front of big dogs such as Citizen Khan, and now I’m all yours…

I’ve written for websites such as Birmingham Eastside, French Football Weekly and The Digital Fix. I’ve also launched my own youth culture website, Concrete Collar Magazine (which is sadly not up anymore), and I’ve got written stuff for one of the leading VoIP telephony companies in Europe, CloudCall.

If you’re interested, I’ve also spent a year answering phones at Next, which mainly involved being shouted at and having to apologise to people for recieving emails (from others I hasten to add) that said that the service was incontinent rather than incompetent (that actually happened by the way).

This site is intended to act as a platform for my work. I’ve also put some of my photography up, although that’s mainly to convince myself that buying a £450 camera was a good idea.

If you think my work’s decent, please get in touch, whether through LinkedIn, Twitter, email or carrier pigeon.

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy the website!


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